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I often hear the old people around me say, "People, sometimes they are alive," I always wonder when I hear this, how can I live? We have the goal to pursue, have ideals, have aspirations, and struggle for it.

Grow up, experience more things, and slowly understand the meaning of this, sometimes it is not alive. Because you never know what will happen tomorrow, maybe How To Cut A Cantaloupe you are greeted by death.

The world is dead every day, 172,800 people die every day, 7,200 people die every hour, 120 people die every minute, and 2 people pass away every second.

So, what are these people doing the day before they die?

"Death in Tomorrow"

This is a cumulative adaptation based on real news events The Thai film, consisting of six parts, tells how the calm day before people died.

Our daily life is often repeated and trivial. There is nothing special about it, but death is often too late to be taken, and it is unacceptable and unacceptable.

On the eve of the graduation ceremony, four girls celebrated in the hotel room, they were drinking beer, playing and How To Draw A Race Car talking, talking about the constellation for a while, talking about the future, planning life.

"Be able to meet a soul mate, father Six children";

"Travel around the world";

"Immigration to the United States to settle down";

"Creating your own fashion brand";

Twenty years old, it is "dreaming" The age.

At 2 o'clock in the evening, the beer was finished, and one of the girls went to the convenience store downstairs to replenish the goods. Suddenly hit by a truck and died on the spot.

It’s just that they are still fantasizing In the future, I look forward to the graduation ceremony of the next day...

In the exchange, the number of stocks in the stock market is constantly changing, people come and go, and one person has Sitting on the chair with D chord his head on his head seemed to fall asleep, but in fact he had been dead for a long time and was not discovered until five hours later.

Sister living in the US suddenly resigned Going back to my hometown in Thailand, I kept taking photos and wanted my brother to accompany him to eat fried oysters. The younger brother refused because of too many people today, and promised to go the next day.

I didn’t expect her sister to be killed by the collapsed weight when she was riding her brother’s motorcycle. At the moment she was giving a Puppy taking pictures.

Wife waiting for a heart transplant has been unsuccessful, treating every day as the last day. So her husband is going to the United States for a few days on business. She gives her husband some luggage, trims her nails, and licks him without any details.

The result was that the healthy husband died of a plane crash, but she managed to transplant the heart and survived.

The boy who was trapped by the situation, left his last words and committed suicide by jumping off the building.

The girl who refused to be with her friend Talking about the impression of boys.

A leisurely afternoon, the breeze, the musician's father is enjoying his daughter's head massage, this is his favorite lifestyle.

When the daughter left, he died quietly in his sleep.

The director did not use any bloody or eye-catching way to express the horror of death, but the sudden and "quiet" of death.

The hotel waiter came to pick up the mess left by the party the night before, the room that laughed and laughed the night before, and now the dead silence.

The scene of the businessman who died, without any plots and dialogues, only the ever-changing market figures and a lying head on the chair People.

The film director is the new generation director of Thailand Nawapeng Tan Rong Gutanari, born in 1984, his works are mostly self-directed and very talented. There are more than 20 long and short films before "Death in Tomorrow". The most familiar to the domestic audience is the 2015 "Love and Treatment", which won eight awards in Thailand's most influential movie bonus Swan Award.

This "Love in Medicine" Female No. 2 Walret Vaughan also starred in the movie.

And the "Genius Gunner" woman Lord Timmon Joan Chau Suin;

And "Sweet Princess" Toey (Zha Lingpeng Zunkdi) Her performance is also a highlight in this movie.

She plays the role of a female star. During the rest period of the advertisement, she is eating to replenish her energy. However, the studio staff is in the same position. The tongue talks about another actress who died in a car accident because of saving people.

She was completely expressionless and focused on eating, but she suddenly shed tears in the surrounding arguments.

And then rush to find a staff member to make up.

From faceless expression to tears, this shot is from far to near, up to 5 minutes, her mood changes let the audience Guess whether the two actresses are competitors or friends? Is her crying true or showing?

After that, Mei took over the original advertising work of the deceased.

The plum at work is sweet and full of energy. But at the moment the director shouted the card, she instantly recovered her state of loss.

No way, the deceased has been paralyzed, the living is like this.

Death is unpredictable, so we must treat each day seriously, chat with the people we love, tell them "I love you", don't feel shy; do Meaningful things, love life, love yourself, go to the hospital if you are sick, talk to your friends if you have troubles, chase after dreams, cherish time and cherish the people in front of you.

Like the 104-year-old grandfather said: "Don’t worry about whether death is good or bad, the point of life is that before you go, you Life is good or bad."

At the same time as the film is finished, 8432 people have died in the world.

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